Back and Joint Problems of Pekingese Dogs

Every year, dog lovers around the world anxiously wait to see which breed will take “Best in Show” at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show. This year, Malachy, a beautiful Pekingese, took top honors in New York on February 13, 2012. Like many breeds with short legs relative to a longer body, Pekingese dogs are highly prone to back and joint problems including pain, slipped discs and dislocated kneecaps. If you have this type of dog, here’s more information about these health problems and how you can keep your pup feeling and looking his best:

Preventing Back and Joint Problems
Preventing back and joint problems in a Pekingese dog is much easier than trying to find a solution after the fact. Simple things like discouraging them from jumping on and off the furniture, running up the stairs or playing ball can help. Although they may enjoy these activities and no immediate harm is obvious, the repetitive impact can slowly take its toll and contribute to arthritis as the dog ages. Arthritis is a chronic disease that can be managed but can’t be cured. Once this disorder sets in, your beloved pet may limp, experience ongoing pain and require quite a bit of medical care.

Some Simple Precautions
To prevent both chronic health problems and more acute conditions, some simple precautions can help. Instead of allowing your Pekinese to jump up on the sofa to sit beside you, lift him or purchase a pet ramp. Use a baby gate to keep him off the stairs, and carry him when you need to take him up or down the steps. If you’re consistent with your training methods, you can teach your pet to refrain from these behaviors over time. Of course, when carrying your Pekingese, it’s important to know exactly how to lift him to prevent problems. The best way is to put one hand under his chest and one under his stomach to fully support the entire length of his back.

Good Nutrition Can Also Prevent Health Problems
Because all dogs rely on proper nutrition to maintain their health and appearance, you can bet that Malachy was fed only the best food with an optimal level of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Unfortunately, some dog food lacks certain key nutrients that are critical to a dog’s health. Just like constant jumping and climbing, a poor diet can contribute to back and joint problems in Pekingese dogs as time passes.

The Right Supplement Can Help
If you own a dog that has already succumbed to arthritis or other problems with their back or joints, a good food supplement can help relieve their pain and restore their mobility. Enerpetic is a premium supplement designed specifically for dogs with these health problems. One of the key ingredients is magnesium, an important mineral that has been proven to relieve joint pain. If you want to keep your dogs healthy and energetic as they pass through each stage of their lives, a great food supplement can help.

Every pet owner feels that their pup is just as valuable as any show dog, even Malachy! With this in mind, it’s important to provide your furry best friend with the right care and diet so that they can live a long and healthy life.

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